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Day's Writing Journal
...speak to me softly...
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21st-Mar-2020 10:20 pm - Fic List
I don't own any of these characters, they belong to Kubo Tite. I don't make any profit from what I write. Any and all characters that I write into sexual situations are intended to be both fictional and of the legal age of consent. A lot of my writing has heavy yaoi themes. However, I've included brief descriptions and ratings for my fics so you don't end up clicking on something you don't want to see. Happy reading, and I hope you enjoy.

Links? What links?Collapse )

28th-Jan-2009 07:21 pm - Fall to Pieces, Part Two

Title: Fall to Pieces, Part Two
Pairing: Ikkaku/Yumichika
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some angst
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or its characters.

[Part One]

Yumi’s been there through thick and thin... and all Ikkaku’s been is thick.Collapse )

27th-Jan-2009 03:34 am - Fall to Pieces, Part One

Title: Fall to Pieces, Part One
Characters: Yumichika and Ikkaku
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some angst
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or its characters.

I’ve never asked you to stay. Not once. Even when it’s killed me inside.Collapse )

24th-Dec-2008 09:45 am - Made For This

Title: Made For This
Pairing: Shuuhei/Izuru
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, sex
Disclaimer: I do not own these boys. All characters are over the age of 18.

This was written for the shuukira holiday gift exchange, for echoinautumn. The prompt I used was "idle hands."

Happy Holidays, love! I hope that you like this, even though I didn't quite use the prompt the way I think you were hoping for.

They move together perfectly.Collapse )

6th-Dec-2008 09:34 pm - Speed Fic 2
Title: Pain for Beauty
Character: Yumichika (with Ikkaku)
Prompt: Pain for Beauty
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Yaoi
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or any of its characters.

I can't think of a clever line to put here.Collapse )

6th-Dec-2008 08:48 pm - Speed Fic
Speed ficcing with calmingeffects, liralen, and some_scribbles.

...I fail. ^^

Title: Too Long
Character: Kira
Prompt: The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or Kira.

Day fails at being speedy.Collapse )

20th-Nov-2008 12:28 am - Original Drabble

I have no idea where this came from, or if it will even make sense to someone besides myself. But I wrote it, and here it is. And it's het, even!

Still working on those drabbles, guys. I'll get them done in time.

Title: Wasn't
Rating: PG-13

It wasn't meant to be, but it was.Collapse )

17th-Nov-2008 05:04 am - Drabble Meme

Pick a number from the list below and a character from a fandom I am familiar with. I will write you a drabble.

FFVII (Advent Children and Crisis Core)
Characters from movies or books you know/think I love.
My HB/BB girls are welcome to request one of my RP characters.

If appropriate for the number (ie: 'turned on character') feel free to request a pairing.

1. Naughty Character
2. Happy Character
3. Sly Character
4. Angsty Character
5. Stubborn Character
6. Sleeping Character
7. Heart-broken Character
8. Excited Character
9. Curious Character
10. Dancing Character
11. Jealous Character
12. Turned-On Character
13. Caring Character
14. On-Their-Knees Character
15. Submissive Character
16. Dominant Character
17. Angry Character
18. Naive Character
19. Bloody Character
20. Greedy Character
21. Daring Character
22. Exploring Character
23. Evil Character
24. Depressed Character
25. Disheveled Character
26. Exhausted Character
27. Day-dreaming Character
28. Kick-Ass Character
29. Injured Character
30. Protective Character
31. Hungry Character

I reserve the right to ask you to pick a different character, should you choose one I am either unfamiliar with or am incapable of writing.

For my notes:

Reno, Sleeping - shiawase_ai
Gin, Excited - 2metaldog
HB!Ulquiorra, Protective - imladra
HB!Ulquiorra, Sly - corelle
Reno/Rufus - On Their Knees - formative
Grimmjow, Naughty - mysocalledhell
Ichigo, On Their Knees - mysocalledhell
BB!Nnoitra, Naughty - ryokoful
BB!Yumichika, Curious - gogo_ergo_sum
Nnoitra, Bloody - psky
Yumichika, Dominant - annieroo2
Sephiroth, On Their Knees - lcpdragonslayer
Gin, Daring Character - some_scribbles

8th-Sep-2008 01:35 am - More Than Slightly
Title: More Than Slightly
Pairing: Ikkaku/Yumichika
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage and stuff
Spoilers: Up through chapter 321
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or its characters. All characters are of age.
Note: Written for the kink meme going on over at bleach_bdsm. Come play!

Not very good at obeying, are you?Collapse )

18th-Aug-2008 02:13 am - Fragility
Title: Fragility
Pairing: Shuuhei/Kira
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Yaoi, not work safe
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, or any of its characters.

Written for the First Anniversary Contest at shuukira.

Special thanks to mysocalledhell and jamminbison for looking this over for me. ♥

If you only knew what you do to me...Collapse )

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